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Little Italy's Pizza uses the freshest ingredients

We are so excited you found us ONLINE!

Because you are so special, we are offering steep discounts on some of your favorite LIP pizzas. This is an online offer only, so be sure to check back often.


You deserve a better pizza! You deserve GREAT sides to go with it!!! Little Italy's Pizza uses the finest and freshest ingredients possible. Besides pizza, we offer amazing Hot Subs & Poorboy sandwiches, including the Chicken Bacon BBQ Sub, the Pizzabread and the Veggiebread Subs! Beyond the menu, we offer friendly service and lightning fast delivery!



Every pizza order receives a Little Italy’s magnet. Collect 6 and receive a FREE Medium 1-topping pizza! Collect 9 to complete the pizza and receive a FREE Large 1-topping pizza!!







Get November's Warm Up Special
our Buffalo Chicken Pizza!

Loaded with all white meat chicken, bacon, ranch, extra cheese and topped with a heavy drizzle of buffalo sauce.
X-Large only $17.49
Large only $13.99
Medium only $10.49
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2 Large 1-Topping Pizzas only $17.99

Large 2-Topping Pizza and Mozza Bars!
only $16.99!

2 Medium 2-Topping Pizzas and choice of STIX! only $16.99!

X-Large 1-Topping Pizza and choice of STIX! only $13.99!
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Family Feast
Large 2-topping Pizza, STIX and a 2 Liter! only $16.99

Medium Feast
2 Medium 1-topping Pizzas, STIX and a 2 Liter! only $17.99

Mega Feast
2 Large 1-topping Pizzas, STIX and a 2 Liter! only $22.99



$1 OFF 2nd Small Pizza

$2 OFF 2nd Medium Pizza

$3 OFF 2nd Large Pizza

$4 OFF 2nd X-Large Pizza



Add Stix: $1.99

Add Stix & 2-Liter: $4.79

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